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We are a virtual wellness and holistic clinic dedicated to provide services via a HIPAA compliant telemedicine software that empower people to better track, manage and improve their own health.

Genestyle Medical offers you the right approach, support and tools to change your lifestyle, sustain habits, monitor your progress and effectively achieve long-lasting success. Taking advantage of an evidence based scientific approach will help you utilize lifestyle changing interventions to optimize your health and wellness.

This new approach to health and wellness is called Personalized Medicine. With the help of genomics, lifestyle metrics and nutritional science, Genestyle Medical will help you customize your individualized roadmap to improve your health and enhance your wellness and longevity.

We are all unique, and the choices we make significantly influence our biological functions. Our lifestyle and environment give signals and messages to our genes and have the power to change our genetic expression. This is empowering!

We can change the messages that our genes receive from the environment and control their expression for better health. This is the new healthcare revolution in which the patient is empowered, and individuals take responsibility for their own wellness. There is no single better approach to our healthcare crisis. Chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, stroke, cancer, dementia are all preventable. Even neurological disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, depression, autism and ADHD can be reversed with a precise and individualized approach. Whether you want to lose weight, reduce your blood pressure or avoid heart disease or cancer, we offer you an individualized path to achieve your goals.

Meet the Doctor

Rodney Soto <br><span>MD, Board Certified in Neurology and Holistic Medicine</span>

Rodney Soto
MD, Board Certified in Neurology and Holistic Medicine

Dr. Soto was originally born in Ecuador and moved to the United States in 1989 after completion of his Medical School. In the US, Dr. Soto trained in internal medicine at the Catholic Medical Center of Brooklyn and Queens in New York City, and then performed three years of residency training in neurology at the Medical University of South Carolina. Dr. Soto then completed two additional years of fellowship training in vascular and critical care neurology at the Comprehensive Stroke Center at UAB. He is board certified in Neurology, and specializes in the treatment and prevention of cerebrovascular disorders.

Dr. Soto has undergone extensive training in the field of holistic and integrative medicine and is currently board certified by the American Board of Holistic and Integrative Medicine. Dr. Soto is a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and the International Society of Nutrigenetics/Nutrigenomics, and is the the founder of Genestyle Medical.

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